(ENG Sub) IVE (아이브) [NEW 퇵길아웃! : 퇴근럽웅♥ 230418]

  • 2023.04.25
  • IVE
(ENG Sub) IVE (아이브) [NEW 퇵길아웃! : 퇴근럽웅♥ 230418]

여러분과 스타의 퇴근길을 책임지는 특급 팬 서비스! 퇵길아웃이 새로운 시즌으로 돌아왔습니다!

사랑스러움으로 무장한 MC 웅둥이
스타들의 퇴근길 현장을 THE 생생하게! THE 러블리하게!
전할 예정이오니 모두들 많관럽웅하SHOW-☆

좋댓구알은 필수♡ 많은 관심은 럽웅♥

The special fan service for getting off work for you and the stars! On the Way Out is back with a new season!

MC WOONG armed with loveliness
will deliver the sites of the stars getting off work in a vivid! and lovely! way
so please SHOW lots of love-☆

It is a must to like, comment, subscribe, and turn on notification ♡ Lots of interest are love♥

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