• 2023.04.11
  • IVE

I didn’t think they could do better than ‘After like’ … I really didn’t think it was possible! But I guess when it comes to them, the standard is to not release a bad title track, like it’s quite literally impossible for them at this point! And that I did not think was realistically possible. However this song exceeded every single one of my expectations and beyond. This truy felt like they were given everyone a mastercall of how to release a SOTY. This is how great I thought this was. This song is simply put: a masterpiece. It felt so powerfully heavenly. This gave me music box, French monarchy like Le Roi Soleil, super expensive and badass Barbie OST (I know it’s weirdly specific but I think it makes sense). This easily is one of the best release this year! Just one word: WOW. Loved how the MV also shows some kind of continuity with their previous MV but this time it’s like the first class experience for sure. Boujee for sure, gorgeous, classy, paradise like, empowering and dominant! And that’s IVE for you!

→ Watch the MV here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZUIwj3FgUY
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