What’s The PROBLEM With ITZY?

  • 2023.04.09
  • IVE
What’s The PROBLEM With ITZY?

ITZY – From Gen4 pioneers to a slump in performance and loss of status?
ITZY was once the backbone of JYP’s Gen4 girl groups, pioneering and shaping the K-pop industry. However, despite their explosive debut phase, ITZY is gradually fading away from the spotlight on the girl group scene
Despite a string of music releases, ITZY has failed to make any significant impact. In 2022, the group made two comebacks, but neither lived up to expectations.
In fact, they were not only unable to compete with their direct rivals, aespa, but were even overshadowed by their younger labelmates. What has happened to ITZY?

What’s The PROBLEM With ITZY?

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